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I am a Principal Scientist at DigitalGlobe, working in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I am also a Technical Advisor for Dato, helping them build a scalable computational platform with vision capabilities. From 2011-13, I was at eBay Research. I did my PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008, and then spent two years at Disney Research in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University.


Recent News:

Jun. 2015 -- Featured work at Tomnod and Dato blogs

Mar. 2015 --Two papers accepted to CVPR 2015

Nov. 2014 -- Paper accepted to WACV 2015 -- [YouTube]

Apr. 2014 -- CRAFTMaps accepted to ICML 2014

Apr. 2014 -- Img. Popularity on Time, TechCrunch, HuffPost

Mar. 2014 -- Image Popularity Demo online

Feb. 2014 -- piCholesky uploaded to arXiv

Jan. 2014 -- Paper accepted to WWW 2014

Nov. 2013 -- Started working at DigitalGlobe

Aug. 2013 -- Invited Talk @ MSR

May. 2013 -- Paper accepted to KDD 2013

Apr. 2013 -- Journal paper accepted to CVIU

Feb. 2013 -- Two papers accepted to CVPR 2013

Apr. 2012 -- eBay Image Swatch got featured on E! news

Dec. 2011 -- Lahore documentary photography webpage

Nov. 2011 -- Successful demo for eBay's C.T.O.

Aug. 2011 -- Chapter published in a Springer book






Upcoming Events:

 Nov. 2015 -- CVPR deadline

 Feb. 2016 -- KDD deadline













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